Dress your neck vintage

& The Artist Sandy Craven

Dressyourneckvintage.com is owned and operated by Artist Sandy Craven, from southern Colorado. Sandy has been crafting beautiful handmade vintage jewelry for over 20 years, and specializes in antique and vintage materials like glass beads, Bakelite, Catalin, Wood, Vintage stones and more.

The jewelry found at DYNV is designed to compliment your natural style and beauty. The designs are meant to create a conversation about the beauty and good that can be found all around us!

Our Mission

Dress Your Neck Vintage is your premier handmade vintage jewelry store specializing in niche vintage pieces in a variety of amazing materials.

Our elegant handmade pieces are a reflection of your true, deep and ever-lasting beauty.
Vintage, Handmade, One-Of-A-Kind, Spectacular. This is our wish to you.

A few words from Sandy…

I was raised in a rural farm community the youngest of seven children. Learned at a young age if you wanted material items you had to buy them or make them yourself. I came from a very talented family comprised of many artisans. When I retired and wanted jewelry and could not find what I wanted I started making my own from antique, deco, vintage inspired jewelry of the past.