Antique Flower Mini Mosaic Double Strand Necklace With Vintage Glass And Plastic Beads With Clasp Enclosure


Are you looking for a vintage and repurposed necklace that really stands out of the crowd and is truly beautiful? This handmade piece from Dress Your Neck Vintage may be just the piece you are looking for! This double strand necklace features the most beautiful of vintage glass and plastic beads that surround a beautiful mini mosaic antique flower pendant. This piece has the perfect balance of color and texture, all made from repurposed vintage and antique pieces.

This double strand necklace has a medium weight to it and radiates a cool and beautiful feel. Perfect for the “blue lover” or flower lover in your life.

  • Antique Glass Mini Mosaic Flower Pendant
  • Double Strand Design
  • Repurposed Vintage Glass & Plastic Beads
  • Clasp Enclosure

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